RakWireless Antenna

Fiberglass Antenna Kit for Helium Hotspot

Rak Wireless 5.8dBi / 8dBi Fiberglass Antenna

Open Box (What’s included in the Box)
Antenna Test (only tested 8dBi for now)

Lower location (bad) and a lot of hotspots nearby, reward scales around very low (bad), with 30ft height on the roof, miner out door.

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Hi all,
I’ve installed a RAK Fiberglass 8dBi antenna. Should I reboot ou resync or do anything else to my Bobcat?

Just to make sure i’m clear on this, I was told to power off the bobcat when attaching a new antenna. I was using the stock one that came with it. I just received my 5.8dBi fiberglass antenna from RAK. I am unable to pick up any witnesses and whatnot. I had it running for over 24hrs after swapping the antenna. Is there something I’m missing? I have the RP-SMA adapters. Are these 100% necessary? It’s almost impossible to connect the longer pulsar cable to the miner– I got the one 5m cable.

Is there any proof that assertion affects mining? I asserted antenna twice last two days and I’m not earning anything these days. My minder does no witness anyone last 2 days, but it was witnessing before. My miner only creates challenges and sends packets (low income), but no longer witnessign (major income).

I can’t see whether you got any replies yet. But I would not resync if all you did was change the antenna. You resync when you move or change the antenna elevation. You pay a charge to resync, BTW. Also, you have to wait days for the hotspot to resync with the blockchain.

Put your Hotspot as higher as you can. Then put your Antenna as higher as you can. Make the cable from your Hotspot to your Antenna as shorter as you can. Atenna isn’t too important. The higher the better. So maybe outdoor?

Here in Southern California the temperature excursion can be very large. In a water-tight enclosure in the sun, maybe 30 °F winter nights to 120 °F summer days. What extremes in temperature can the Hotspot take?

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