ota_version1.0.2.30Bobcat Firmware Version
regionUS915The Region of your miner, by asserted location
“UNDEFINED” if your country not defined in https://github.com/helium/miner/blob/master/priv/countries_reg_domains.csv. If your hotspot is loading new snapshot, updating firmware, you may see timeout error
frequency_planUS915The LoRa Frequency of your hotspot, some hotspots can change this, some can’t. It depends on the LoRa chip it’s using
animalxxxx-yyyyyyy-zzzYour hotspot name. You can’t get name if your hotspot is loading snapshot or upgrading
pubkeyxxxxxx…Your Onboarding Key. You can’t onboard if “onboarding.dewi.org/api/v2/hotspots/{pubkey}” not found
miner[Record]See Miner
miner_height1077932The height of your miner (local blockchain DB)
blockchain_height1077931The height of current blockchain (from Helium API), it will show “-” if https://api.helium.io/v1/blocks/height timeout
epoch28131Current blockchain epoch
ports_descriptionA reminder of your port settings. only need to port forward 44158.
For 22, only when need remote support
ports[Record]See Ports
p2p_status[List]See P2P Status
onboarding[List]See Onboarding
public_ipxx.xx.xxx.xxYour public IP address. Don’t post it publicly
temp038 °CYour CPU temperature
temp136 °CYour CPU temperature
temp_alertquarterquarter/three-quarters/full, to describe how high is your temp
timestamp2021-10-31 06:47:40 UTCCurrent timestmp
errorsErrors if detected
miner.json – status
StatusUp 3 hours
Miner Version
miner.json – ports
22closedOnly open when need remote support. To open the port, you need port forward 22, See how to port forward 44158, you only need to change the 44158 to 22. https://www.nowitness.org/network/
44158openYou must open 44158 to solve the Relay
80closedIt should be “closed” to the internet, don’t port forward it

miner.json – p2p_status
connectedyesmeans you have at least one connection to a peer (outgoing connections OK)
dialyesmeans peers can reach you (incoming connections OK)
nat_typesymmetricnone is best. Anything else means it is behind some kind of NAT. It will be relayed if it’s not none
heightYour miner height

15 replies on “Diagnoser”

Many thanks for the very clear explanation. The inner cable in my bobcat has twisted as well. I ordered a new pigtail.
Question: in the picture above it is unclear how 4, 5 and 7 are connected. The wire is stripped at two points. Should it be clicked into the clip at 5? Will a non-stripped pigtail work at all? If not, is there a part number for the right part?

Port 80/443 are generally a given for being open on any type of filtering device allowing traffic outbound on your network. Only 44158 need both inbound and outbound.

DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which helps you to set an IP for your device(Bobcat) automatically by the Router instead of setting it manually by yourself (No interface to set the IP manually on Bobcat for now). So changing the device IP address will disable the port forwarding because port forwarding is based on an IP address. So make sure you reserved your Bobcat IP address in the router.

I think Port forwarding is not a must if you don’t want to open it. Also the port doesn’t have to be 44158, it will try to any port allocated in uPnP or NAT-PMP. It depends on the libp2p implementation. But I think it’s the most efficient way to get your Miner peer to other Miners. Or maybe it will have few peer connections, some of your witness receipts can not be sent out due to timeout. Although this may happen too even without Relay but it will be better.

I am using a 5g modem and connected it to my Bobcat however its still relayed although I opened the ports 44158, 22 and 443
in addition I am the highest building in town and everyone is below me, but all my witnesses recently are invalid I moved it to the balcony do I need to change the Antena ?

You can test if 44158 is open. If it’s open, maybe there are both p2p_circuit and tcp listen addresses existing in your hotspot. In this case, it should be OK. By the way, the recent Helium FW upgrade may also cause relay for a while. But finally it will disappear if your 44158 port is open. You can send the animal name to [email protected], I can take a look. Did you get witnesses before? Your witnesses are valid recently can also be caused by the Helium FW upgrade. During the chain halt, many hotspots lost their witnesses. But don’t worry, it will come back in the next few days. https://docs.helium.com/troubleshooting/understanding-witnesses/

Under Network Issues Method 2 it says to disable UPnP. Why disable it? I’ve port forwarded before and never had to disable UPnP. I have Plex server running and had to port forward, UPnP is still on and doesn’t cause any problems.

Forwarding ports will override UPnP. The implementation of UPnP depends on the Router that you are using. UPnP in many routers will fail or is intermittent. If you need UPnP for other services, you can leave it enabled.

Can anyone tell me why my bobcat is “re-syncing” again? It started yesterday morning and I checked with the app diagnosis and it does show that there was about 3k difference with blockchain height… green light is on the bobcat. I have not had this issue of the bobcat “re-syncing” since I had set up the matchine in August, and it has been working fine until this “re-syncing”. I know there was an update earlier in September that was suppose to fix a “re-syncing” issue… and my firmware is up to date as of yesterday. Anyone advise why my bobcat is re-syncing and what I can do to prevent it from “re-syncing” again? I am not earning any HNT while the bobcat is re-syncing.

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